PR Practice

As running a business, everything you do online is trackable, which can ultimately effect the image of your brand. If you can use the publicity well, it can add the value and reputation to your brand.

Part of the strategy involves understand the best platforms for a business to invest time and resources and we are ready to help.

Angela Zhang x iHubb


Angela Zhang is a pop singer who are well known in Asia. As a part time fashion designer, she collaborated with iHubb and created the "HEARTBEATS" series, a line of fashion wearables. To promote the product and boost the public image of iHubb, we helped her team to organize a public relation event in Toronto.

With research and communication with her, we understand that her design decision are made not only to increase fashionable sense but also upon creating comfortable wearables that works like amour to give freedom to any "heartbeats", so people could feel free to express themselves within their comfort zone. Therefore, we host an online campaign to engage people share their stories and opinions about wearing chic and comfortable. As thus, besides connecting media and other fashion brands to the event, we also extend our invitation to participants who shared the same fashion theory.

During the PR event, not only Angela and her team are satisfied with the result, all the guests including media, fashion gurus and fans feel happy for the opportunity that allow them to gather together and exchange ideas and opinions.

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