Marketing Practice

Everyone is talking about the importance of finding a suitable marketing service, but WHY it's so important and HOW a comprehensive marketing service can help your brand to achieve your goal faster ?

Find your target audiences

With being in the your industry for a while, you may know the basic characteristics of your target audiences, even if you don't, at least you may have a basic idea of who you want to promote your product or service. As said, it brings 2 essential questions:

1. How to track them with tools in digital marketing ?

2. Does the characteristics you assume, really who they are?

UnionPay, also known as China UnionPay, is a Chinese financial services corporation that works as a major bank card scheme in mainland China. To perform their service internationally, they also have offices across the world. The main target users of their services are obviously Chinese tourist and/or immigrants, as they assume. However, after rounds of communication and researching, we proposed our new idea of expanding the territory to young Chinese international students who's not yet financially independent while their family have deep connection and trust to UnionPay. Therefore, we connected with student associations in 42 universities and colleges in Canada and the US. With all the efforts in 5 yeas, we successfully attract over 150,000 to enrol various banking service.

Include the right service in your marketing strategy

After find the right and potential target, the next question is :

Do you really know how to track them down?

To include the suitable services while applying the right marketing tools in your marketing plan gonna help your business yield to the goal twice faster and easier.

After practically approving that international students would the next main targets to UnionPay, we've planned series of campaigns to help UnionPay boosting their exposure all year round. Digital marketing includes PPC to direct traffic to website through paid advertisement and SEO optimization to help them ranked top in key search result. Besides, to find out real insights, we attended orientations across campus, to answers the real concerns. Moreover, after knowing their most challenging time was before going aboard, we started to host orientation in China and helped them settled financially before leaving for a new journey.

In this way, we are not only able to collect data with digital marketing tools, but also build connection with more potential clients.

Anything else to prepare for successful marketing service ?

Branding, building awareness, attracting traffic to your sites, increasing sales and etc... We do marketing for different reasons, but the sequence and timing based on the current status of the company are things we need to consider. Meaning before performing any of above services, there are some fundamentals should be ready in positions:

Your logo, the very first impression is through the logo. The font, the color combination, what kind of vibe it create are all expressed through the facet.

Your website, a virtual place where people can know your brand more. Imagining building the website as a way you'd like to manage relationships. Your parents may concern different things than your life partners or friends, so what's the best way to calm them all and make sure they are worry-free is the challenge and fun part. Therefore, you need to present your strengths, so they can trust you are doing wonderful. Meanwhile, you need to consider their different demands and obstacles while proving the easiest path (user journey) to the answers based on their various psychological habits and behaviours.

Your budget, the direct clue to the scale. It's fairly important that all the parties involved in the marketing campaign are in sync with the scale. It doesn't mean that the team would be less attention to the project, it just gives everyone a clue of how to distribute the budget effectively and how to plan to achieve the ultimate goal step by step.

Our Marketing Services

Our service include:

  • Strategy Planning | Social Media Management

  • SEO | PPC

  • UI/UX | Website Design

  • Content Marketing | Gaming Marketing

  • Shopify Service

Wanna know how to best set up a well-round marketing plan for your brand ? Time to talk to our specialist to ensure your money and time are well spent !