Hello, we are ADEM and we are ready to help !

We are a group of professionals who aim to provide the most suitable solutions for your marketing, PR and event needs. With more than 10 years of comprehensive industrial experience, we totally understand that the goal is built upon step-by-step plan with dedicate execution, and we are the right team that you may look for.

We have 3 core segments of service - Marketing, PR and Event, with a specialty in help businesses to explore and enhance its brand in Chinese market across North America.

Our Client

We work with our client and help them reach more Chinese customers across North America and expand their market in larger scale and in depth.

We emphasize on the details and quality of our service, customize plans and make every effort to promote the sustainable development of the business.


Our marketing channel can reach over 1.5 million Chinese in Canada and US. With different background and occupation, they may have different browsing habits when it comes to searching online. Luckily, we know the main "place" where they gather for information and we understand their concerns, needs as well as the keywords when it comes to searching online.

PR & Events

Customize proposal and select the utilized platforms with powerful influence to help deliver information to communities across North America efficiently. We understand PR event could offer your company an edge over the competition, so we are ready to help and make sure your brand left good memories to people who attend and to make you look good.

Your branding image is an evident promise to your customers and prospects, through effective branding and media, the outside world can be aware of these unspoken words and decide to consume or deflect a product or service based on the merits of the branding efforts.

To learn more of what we can do, please check our Case Study . You are also welcome to contact us, so we could discuss more details regarding how to customize a plan for your company.