Concert & Events Hosting

ADEM has been in events management since 2013 and excelled in concerts, job fairs, business conventions and etc. From event planning to execution, ADEM perform full event cycle to guarantee the professional experience is delivered while guarantee the best feedback.

Event Planning

  • Budgeting

  • Venue booking

  • Seating map building up

  • Sponsorship package

  • VIP and guest KOLs invitation

Event Execution

  • Hospitality and logistics

  • Legal applicant

  • Marketing and promotion

  • Ticketing

  • Stage Production

“Mr. Entertainment World Tour”- Jam Hsiao

Toronto & Vancouver

Jam Hsiao is a well-known singer from Taiwan, China. With connections getting to know his team was planning to do a world concert tour, we proposed to host 2 of the stops in Vancouver and Toronto, Canada.

Time constraint is the first problem we've encountered . We've only got 6 months to arrange everything, including venue booking for auditorium scale concert, legal application and flight arrangement for this foreign group that involves artists from different parts of the world with different VISA policy, and most importantly, the stage plan that recreate their design while fitting the setup in our venues.

With experience in hosting international concert, we are glad that we were able to complete all above in 3 weeks, so we can move on to the marketing and ticketing sides of the project. The goal is to create waves of exposure climax to raise the extreme attention in Chinese community. Therefore, we connected with 50+ media outlets, both online and offline, to promote the concerts before and after event night and it was such a success. In result, we sold out all the 5,000 tickets for each event 2 months prior to the performing day and creating a phenomenal repost trend in social media.

“HOMECOMING”- Dragon King Rapper Group

Seattle & Los Angeles & San Francisco & Toronto & Vancouver

Dragon King Rapper is one of the pioneering rap groups in China. The theme of their world concert tour was "Homecoming", meaning they'd like to meet all their fans around the world and recreate the legendary.

As thus, we planed to have 6 stops across North America and we dedicatedly chose live house to host their concerts, so it fits the intimacy and family feeling that they wanna offer to their fans. Even the 6 concerts shared the same theme, but we did wanna bring colors to each event. Therefore, we recruited local rappers and dancers to each event, which also in a way to help us boosting the event in local communities.

More of Our Event Planning Examples

We perform full cycle of event planning and organization to fulfill all kinds of event purposes. To learn more of our past experience, please download our panel for more information.

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